Now WhatsApp Users Can To Edit Messages Within 15 Minutes

WhatsApp has announced that it will grant users the ability to modify their messages, aligning itself with competitors such as Telegram and Discord.

According to the company, messages can now be edited within a window of 15 minutes after being sent.

This instant messaging platform is a part of Meta, a prominent US technology conglomerate that also possesses Facebook and Instagram.

In the near future, this feature will become accessible to WhatsApp’s massive user base of 2 billion people. Notably, India represents its largest market, boasting an impressive 487 million users.

Whatsapp Edit

In a recent blog post, the messaging service expressed their enthusiasm for empowering users with greater command over their conversations. They stated, “Whether it’s rectifying a minor spelling error or providing additional context to a message, we are delighted to bestow upon you enhanced control within your chats.”

To make alterations, users simply need to long-press on a sent message and select the “Edit” option from the menu, within the allocated fifteen-minute timeframe.

To ensure transparency, edited messages will be labeled as “edited,” enabling recipients to recognize that the content has been modified.

However, the specific details of the modifications made to the message will not be disclosed.

To modify a sent message, simply perform a long-press on the respective message and opt for the “Edit” function from the menu. This option remains available for a duration of fifteen minutes after sending.

Subsequently altered messages will be designated with the label “edited,” ensuring recipients are duly informed about the content being modified.

Nevertheless, recipients will not be provided with a detailed account of the specific modifications made to the message during its course of revisions.

WhatsApp’s recent announcement follows the implementation of the edit feature by messaging services like Telegram and Signal.

It’s worth noting that the social media giant Facebook introduced the edit function nearly ten years ago.

During that period, Facebook disclosed that over half of its user base accessed the platform through mobile devices, which are susceptible to typographical errors.

On Facebook, revised updates are identified with an “edited” label, and users have the ability to review the edit history associated with the post.

In a similar vein, Twitter, the social media platform led by Elon Musk, announced last year that it would offer editing capabilities to its paid subscribers.

Under this feature, tweets can be modified multiple times within a 30-minute window after being published.

Twitter conveyed in a blog post, “The act of tweeting will become more accessible and less anxiety-inducing.” They emphasized the importance of enabling users to engage in conversations in a manner that feels intuitive and effortless.

The platform further expressed its commitment to continually improving the user experience, ensuring seamless participation in discussions.


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